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The challenges of multi-country payroll in Eastern Europe

Managing payroll across multiple countries in Eastern Europe presents a number of challenges, some common to any multi-country payroll project, others unique to the geographical environment. Using a proprietary research model that enables us to drill down into the individual challenges and concerns of participants, Webster Buchanan Research interviewed 11 senior managers with regional or global responsibility for payroll in Eastern Europe and discussed the issues they face and the way they have set out to tackle them. The participants work for multinationals of various sizes, from mid-sized to Fortune 500, and were drawn from a range of industry sectors.

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Tackling payroll complexity in Latin America

With a mixture of emerging and booming economies, political uncertainty and instability and extreme contrasts in business confidence and fortunes, the 22 nations of Latin America can never be categorized as one homogenous whole. But for regional and global payroll managers, there are common challenges and opportunities – and as this research survey concludes, different kinds of demands on the senior payroll professional that may lead to a reassessment of the role of the regional payroll manager.

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