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Our Focus: Global HR & Payroll
Webster Buchanan Research is a market research and consulting company specializing in international HR and multi-country payroll. We help multinationals tackle their global challenges, understand the nuances of the sector and share experiences. Contact us in London, San Francisco or Singapore!  
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Webster Buchanan's Multi-country Payroll Review
Webster Buchanan's multi-country payroll review is an in-depth research report providing independent analysis of the leading global payroll vendors. First published in 2008, with a new edition coming in December, the report draws from Webster Buchanan’s ten years of research in the multi-country payroll sector. Find out more at Webster Buchanan's International Payroll Center

Comment: Selecting vendors - who's selling to who?
I can still picture one of the first multi-country payroll sales proposals I read. Not only was the document littered with marketing jargon and missing half the information we’d asked for, but the salesperson had committed the basic error of pasting content from a previous proposal and forgetting to change the customer’s name. Bad enough – but probably not as bad as some of the mistakes customers make when they issue RFPs. Read more at Webster Buchanan's International Payroll Center

Global compliance: Payroll's greatest challenge?
It’s no secret that many multinationals still struggle to answer the fundamental question of how many people they employ. How, then, do these same companies cope when it comes to managing their international payroll operations? How do they guarantee that they’re meeting their compliance obligations around the world in payroll functions that typically use country-specific rather than centralized IT systems and services, generate limited internal reports, are often run by managers speaking a foreign language and have a unique set of regulatory obligations? Read more at Webster Buchanan's International Payroll Center

Comment: Partnering with procurement
Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the smartest, sharpest and friendliest members of the procurement profession – and one or two of the others. Most make great partners for HR payroll in vendor selection cycles – but do the different functions really work together effectively? Read more at Webster Buchanan's International Payroll Center

Consulting Services

Webster Buchanan Research provides a range of global payroll advisory services for multinationals around the world including:
  • Business planning (strategy: risks, costs & benefits analysis) 
  • Vendor selection
  • Planning/implementing change
  • Global governance
  • Performance management
  • Healthchecks
  • Supporting international expansion

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