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Webster Buchanan Research is a market research and consulting company specializing in global payroll since 2003. Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies to midsized organizations, with projects spanning six continents. Contact us to find out more!

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Selecting aggregators and accounting networks: the critical nuances of global payroll outsourcing models
Aggregators and accounting networks are key players in the global payroll market - but there are significant differences in their approaches and service offerings that are often overlooked in vendor selection cycles. Drawing from Webster Buchanan's Vendor Selection Methodology and the experiences of multinationals around the world, this Special Report helps companies identify some of the key nuances of these models and determine how they impact pricing, capability and quality of service. 
Publication date: September 2019. Contact us for more information and to pre-order

Workday’s Global Payroll Strategy 
While Workday offers its own payroll services in four countries, the bulk of its international payroll coverage remains in the hands of partners - which poses both strategic and practical questions for Workday customers as they embark on global payroll initiatives. This Special Report assesses Workday's approach, analyzes some of the technicalities and examines the implications for current and future customers. 
Publication date: September 2019. Contact us for more information and to pre-order

Comment: Shrinking the vendor selection cycle
Caught between a failure of communication and a failure of imagination, the much-maligned RFI has somehow managed to keep its place in the international payroll vendor selection cycle. But is it time to put it out of its misery? 
Read Keith Rodgers' commentary on the global payroll market here

Nudging down payroll’s error rate
What does behavioral psychology have to do with multi-country payroll? Or to put it another way, if governments can bring about subtle changes in people’s behavior by playing to their subconscious proclivity to do the right thing, can payroll use the same techniques to reduce errors and workloads?
Read David Longworth's commentary on the multi-country payroll sector here

Global compliance: Payroll's greatest challenge?
It’s no secret that many multinationals still struggle to answer the fundamental question of how many people they employ. How, then, do these same companies cope when it comes to managing their international payroll operations? How do they guarantee that they’re meeting their compliance obligations around the world in payroll functions that typically use country-specific rather than centralized IT systems and services, generate limited internal reports, are often run by managers speaking a foreign language and have a unique set of regulatory obligations? Read more here


Consulting Services

Webster Buchanan Research provides a range of global payroll advisory services for multinationals around the world in five areas:
  • Business planning (global payroll strategy: organizational design and governance models; vendor strategy; cost analysis; risk, benefit and feasibility analysis) 
  • Global and regional vendor selection
  • Implementation support for global payroll outsourced services
  • Performance management and operational healthchecks
  • Detailed discovery of existing international payroll operations

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