Where next with your multi-country payroll project?
Whether you're starting out on a multi-country payroll project or assessing your
next steps, Webster Buchanan's team of independent consultants can help around the world
with advisory services to suit any budget


Consulting Services

Webster Buchanan Research provides cost-effective services to help multinationals at every stage of their international payroll journey, whether you're starting out or running a mature global payroll operation. Working from our offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and United Kingdom, we have advised some of the world's largest multinationals - as well as some of the smallest!

Our services are designed for companies that are looking to better manage their existing international payroll operations through a multi-country payroll strategy - or moving into new countries for the first time.

Our multi-country payroll services cover all aspects of the planning, vendor selection and service delivery cycle including:

  • Helping you analyze your existing international operations
  • Assessing your strategic options and designing the future state
  • Analyzing the costs, risks and benefits
  • Assisting with all aspects of the vendor selection cycle, based on more than a decade of research into multi-country payroll vendor landscape
  • Helping you prepare for change and assisting with implementation
  • Developing an effective governance model, and managing performance
  • Providing a healthcheck to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your current international payroll set-up and assessing next steps

To find out more about how we can help you, please contact us in confidence 

Our Pragmatic Approach

Webster Buchanan's approach to global payroll projects is built on three principles:

  • Practical, hands-on experience Our methodologies are based on the real-life experiences of senior multi-country payroll practitioners, and our consulting team includes some of the most experienced practitioners in this sector
  • In-depth market analysis Our market research team, which supports the consulting business, has carried out extensive research in this sector since 2002
  • Comprehensive but pragmatic approach Our approach to international HR and multi-country payroll initiatives enables us to accelerate key aspects of the cycle while ensuring that each phase is built on a sound, solid footing
Office Hours

As you plan for 2022 and beyond, why not sign up for a complimentary discussion with one of our global payroll business advisors? Wherever you are on your global payroll journey, our experienced consultants can provide an independent perspective on the challenges you face and your plans for the future. Click here to find out more

Cost-effective Self Help Tools

In addition to our one-to-one custom consulting services, Webster Buchanan Research provides a selection of self-help tools for multinationals, building on the experience and expertise of our network of global payroll managers and consultants.

These include:

  • Our Discovery tool, which features a self-service questionnaire to help you find out the set-up and scope of payroll processes and services in each country 
  • Our guide to References and Site Visits, advocating a radically different approach to due diligence where these sessions are used as a core component of vendor selection
  • Our Technology matrix, which accompanies the research report above ands enables you to score the capabilities of your current global payroll set-up and vendors 

Tools can be delivered as-is or we can wrap around a short advisory session to explain how to tailor and roll out the tool for. Contact us to find out more

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