Office Hours: complimentary discussion with a consultant

As you plan for 2022 and beyond, why not sign up for a complimentary discussion with one of our global payroll business advisors? Wherever you are on your global payroll journey, our experienced consultants can provide an independent perspective on the challenges you face and your plans for the future. 

Our 45-minute Office Hours meetings take place every Tuesday through the end of the year. Designed for regional and global managers responsible for multi-country payroll, the virtual meetings cover all aspects of global payroll and associated issues relating to HR data, time and attendance, and financial reporting. For example, you might be:

  • New to your global role, and looking to understand which operating and service delivery models might work best for you
  • In the midst of a global payroll transformation and looking for validation or guidance on next steps, from organizational redesign to managing change
  • Looking for a new global payroll vendor, or for guidance on implementing a new system or outsourced service
  • Unhappy with your existing global vendor and looking to get your service delivery back on track. We can talk about your remediation options, working with your existing provider to uncover the root cause of issues and set about fixing them
  • A seasoned global payroll operator, who's on a second or third generation payroll project, looking to optimize your organizational set-up, processes, tools and techniques 

We are happy to discuss any other global payroll challenges you face. Our only stipulation is that Office Hours are not designed to help you tackle country-specific questions relating to legal, statutory, or customary requirements. 

Governed by a two-way confidentiality agreement (read the Ts&Cs here), these sessions are a chance to open up and speak freely with one of Webster Buchanan's experienced global payroll consultants. All we ask is that you come prepared by sending us topics for discussion in advance of the session.

The sessions, which will be held every Tuesday for the remainder of the year, are complimentary - but places are limited.  So don't delay - simply fill out the form below to request an appointment!

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