Webster Buchanan's Payroll Performance Scorecard

Webster Buchanan’s Payroll Performance Scorecard is a set of tools designed to help Payroll, HR and finance managers and other senior executives measure payroll efficiency and effectiveness. Built on the experiences of leading payroll practitioners, it’s designed to give companies a better insight into how well they’re performing and where improvements can be made. At a time when payroll is under pressure to reduce costs, the Scorecard arms managers with the information they need either to make changes or justify the status quo.

The Scorecard has been designed for use in both single country and multicountry payroll settings. It’s been built in the knowledge that every organization is at a different stage in its ability to measure and manage payroll performance. The aim is to give organizations the flexibility they need, while bringing some degree of standardization to the profession’s overall approach to performance management.

The Payroll Performance Scorecard has two key components:

  • An Operational Scorecard, designed for organizations to use as a day-to-day tool to measure their individual payroll operations against internal goals or external benchmarks
  • A Contextual Scorecard, which assesses the different factors that can impact payroll performance, ranging from the quality of data input and the extent of automation to the nature of the payroll function’s work. In a multi-country setting, there are additional factors to consider, such as legislative complexity

The Contextual Scorecard gives organizations a more rounded perspective when they compare the performance of single country operations against industry benchmarks. For multinationals that are taking a centralized approach to payroll management and developing a multi-country payroll strategy, it helps to explain the many discrepancies that appear when comparing performance within regions (e.g. Italy versus France) and across continents (China versus United States).

This report also includes a Balanced Scorecard, a visual tool that helps explain the interdependencies of different metrics such as payroll costs, operational quality and employee satisfaction. In addition, it includes Step-bystep Guides to constructing Operational and Contextual Scorecards, based on the example of a fictional UK company.

To access the full report, either click here or follow the link on the left of the page.


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